Chair update: Looking back on the 2019 Durham Residential Weekend

The 2019 Durham Reunion took place over a glorious summer weekend last July. Around 50 alumni were treated to a fantastic meal in the Hall followed by music and dancing in the JCR. After the meal, it is rumoured that some stumbled into town to frequent Klute, but most just chatted in the bar and then stumbled, happily, the short walk back to their college room for the night. Some things never change.

The weekend provided a great chance to see all the developments which are taking place in the city of Durham. In addition to the new colleges which are being built on the golf course behind Milder, the Science site has undergone an amazing transformation, and is almost unrecognizable. Even the historic center has seen major developments: the old Passport Office (a magnificent brutalist building which I happened to love) has been knocked down, and a new ‘River Walk’ created connecting it to Framwellgate Bridge. You can read more about these developments in my reunion weekend welcome letter, here.

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