Van Mildert Association: AGM

Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Van Mildert Alumni Association (VMA)

Although the reunion weekend cannot take place this year due to the Covid-19 crisis, it is really important that we get to hear from the members about what you want from the VMA in the coming months and years. As such, we will hold a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 6pm on Sunday 13 December via the zoom link below.

All members of alumni association (including current members of the JCR) are welcome to attend and share their thoughts and opinions on the direction and purpose of the alumni association over the coming years. (Note: unless you specifically opted out of the VMA at the start of the course, you will be a member of the VMA and welcome to attend).

VMA Committee Positions: this year,we are seeking to appoint two new members to the VMA committee, who will help to oversee and mange the operations of the association.

  • Treasurer: We are seeking to appoint a treasurer to the committee, who will lead on the management of the association’s finances. This will involve keeping track of income and expenditure, liaising with the college as necessary, and preparing the budget and end-of-year accounts for the association. Experience of budget/account management and an awareness of charitable financial procedures is desirable. For an informal discussion, please contact the VMA Chair (Neil Crimes): neilcrimes at outlook dot com.
  • General Committee Position: we are also seeking to appoint a new general committee member, who can help assist with the organisation and production of the associations events and communications. For an informal discussion, please contact the VMA Chair (Neil Crimes): neilcrimes at outlook dot com.
  • Nominations: nominations for positions require a short statement of interest (100-200 words) which is backed by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be current VMA members. These expressions of interest should be emailed to neilcrimes at outlook dot com prior to the start of the AGM. Nominations will also be accepted at the meeting.

About the VMA: The Van Mildert Alumni Association (VMA) is the representative body of the alumni community of Van Mildert College. It now contains over 20,000 alumni who are living across the globe. The VMA is a democratic organisation, governed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), to which all members are invited. Day-to-day running of the VMA is delegated by the AGM to the VMA committee, which has responsibility for the finances, events and college liaison.

VMA AGM 2020 Agenda


  1. Hello, Are there plans for a reunion in 2021 at Van Mildert? I am one of a group of alumni who are celebrating 50 years since beginning our time at VM, and it would be wonderful to arrange to meet again at college.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Alastair. Unfortunately, the college isn’t able to accommodate a reunion weekend this summer (though the 2022 reunion is already booked in). We (the VMA) are planning some less formal alumni gatherings over the next few months. If you aren’t already a member (and you use Facebook), we have a group ( where you’ll hear updates first.


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